Safety and “AI Safety”

Robert Schaefer just pointed me (via a mailing-list note) to a list of features of “AI safety”, via a reference in the blog of Victoria Krakovna at . The features of “AI safety” pointed to, from , are Short-term: This work involves… Read moreSafety and “AI Safety”

Passwords and Requirements Engineering

Readers may know that for quite some time I have been working on topics in requirements engineering, in particular for safety requirements. They may recall previous posts here at and as well as the terminology engineering in OPRA at and the derivation of… Read morePasswords and Requirements Engineering

IACS Safety and Security Intertwined; A Realistic Example

Restarting a nuclear reactor is a complex and sensitive process. The process is essentially controlled through the neutron density at any point. The density is governed by processes which are fundamentally exponential in time, and is controlled by damping the… Read moreIACS Safety and Security Intertwined; A Realistic Example