Day: June 29, 2016

  • Improper Behaviour in the EC

    The Guardian at is reporting that European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker ….. had banned his commissioners from any talks with the British, he said. It is – or should be – unacceptable that an ECommission President “bans” ECommissioners from talking with any EU member state. This needs to be brought to order.

  • A Negotiating Strategy

    Call the EU countries without the UK the E27. Judging by the announcements from yesterday, the E27 are hoping for an orderly Brexit process which leaves all treaties intact (not just Rome, Maasstricht, Lisbon and so on, but also the EEA and EFTA agreements). The UK wants (arguably needs, but I won’t get into that) something…

  • The Results of the European Council Meeting on Brexit

    Here’s The Guardian’s report on the European Council (ECoun) meeting Tuesday, 28 June 2016: There is a meeting of almost the same group Wednesday, but it can’t be an ECoun meeting because the UK is explicitly not invited. Let me call it the E27. (It’s going to be tricky formulating a legally-valid bargaining position, because…